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Welcome to Dr. P. Phillips Hospital

Dr. P. Phillips Hospital (formerly Orlando Regional Sand Lake Hospital) is a full-service medical/surgical facility serving the residents of Southwest Orange County and Orlando’s growing tourist population. In addition to a highly qualified team of nurses, support staff and physicians, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is equipped with the latest technology in diagnostic imaging, cardiovascular catheterization and angiography.


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This facility offers families the EASE app

Keeping loved ones informed and at ease during surgery with real-time, secure updates sent to your phone. The EASE app allows family members to receive secure texts, photos and videos of their loved one’s progress during surgery, and to share those updates in real time with other family members or friends anywhere in the world.

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Dr. P. Phillips Hospital Emergency Room

Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime — even when you’re on vacation.

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Gift Shop

Learn more about our on-site gift shop at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital.

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Cafeteria Services

Learn more about our cafeteria and meal services at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital.

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Volunteer and Guest Services

Volunteer and guest services is available for patients and visitors at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital.

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