Financial Assistance Program

Need Help Paying Your Bill?

In an effort to meet the community’s healthcare needs, financial assistance is available to patients/guarantors (person that is financially responsible) who have limited or no resources to pay for emergent or medically necessary services rendered at an Orlando Health facility.

Financial assistance applies to bills from Orlando Health Hospitals and employed physicians. All Orlando Health employed physicians must follow Orlando Health’s Financial Assistance Policy (FAP). Contracted, Community/Private providers are not required to participate in Orlando Health’s financial assistance program.

How Do I Qualify for Financial Assistance?

Financial assistance is based on information that considers your yearly income and family size. Based on current Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may qualify for assistance with all of your hospital bill through a review of your income, assets, and other resources. Federal Poverty Guidelines can be found at

If a validated financial statement application reflects an income at or below 225% of the most current Federal Poverty Level for the stated family size, the account will qualify for financial assistance in its entirety.

How Can I Apply for Financial Assistance? 

To apply for financial assistance, please review our financial assistance policies, and complete the Guarantor Financial Statement Application (GFSA) below.

Please click below for additional information on the financial assistance program:

Please click below for our financial assistance program application (Guarantor Financial Statement Application):

For a comprehensive overview of payment options and our financial assistance program, please see below:

Patients can get help with the financial assistance program application process at Orlando Health business office locations before, during or after the patient's hospital stay. You can apply for help with your bill in person or by mail.

For assistance with the application process, please contact one of the following offices:

  • For Hospital Billing:
    Orlando Health Patient Accounting
    3090 Caruso Court, Suite 20, Orlando, FL 32806
    Open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
    Phone (321) 841-2596 or (877) 793-0145

  • For Physician Billing:
    Professional Services Central Business Office
    4401 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 113 Orlando, FL 32806
    Open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
    Phone (321) 841-3900 or (800) 305-8290

  • Or email: [email protected]


You are responsible for providing timely information about your health benefits, income, assets, and any other paperwork that will help to see if you qualify. Paperwork might include bank statements, income tax forms, check stubs, or other documents.

Collection Activities

You are responsible for any bills until your application has been reviewed and approved for financial assistance. Bills that are not paid 240 days after the first billing date may be reported on the patient/guarantor credit history.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about billing or the collections process.

Pricing Estimates

We aim to provide pricing transparency to our patients. You may request a price estimate of services by calling our toll-free number: 844.318.4855.

Participating Physicians

All Orlando Health employed physicians must follow Orlando Health’s Financial Assistance Policy (FAP). Contracted, Community/Private providers are not required to participate in Orlando Health’s financial assistance program. For a list of employed and contracted Orlando Health physicians, click here.